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PFB 34xx PFS 33xx PFTE 7112 PFWE 7150 PFTE 7111


Step 1 motorized Step 2 interface bar* Step 3 interface display strips Motorized PFTE 7112 Motorized display trolley with an optional PC holder. PFA 9118 PC holder Can be placed on the back of the PFTE 7112. Interactive displays are very popular for education and business use. For different users the height needs to be adjusted and as interactive displays can be quite heavy a motorized trolley or wall mount is the perfect solution for this. Vogel's motorized trolleys are available in two versions. A basic version with an optional PC holder and a version with a stylish cabinet for PC and cable storage.

Key features

Very strong and stable construction Two motors with high lifting weight capacity Lockable cabinet for PC storage

Motorized trolleys

Cable management Lockable cabinet PFTE 7111 PFTE 7112

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