Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 137 Commercial Installation Projectors

COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS WE RECOMMEND 137 BX-DLWT1 Fixed Short Throw Lens Zoom Ratio: Fixed Throw Ratio: 0.78 ~ 1 BX-DLWT2 Short Throw Lens Zoom Ratio: 1.2X Throw Ratio: 1.22 ~ 1.47 BX-DLST1 Standard Throw Lens Zoom Ratio: 1.33X Throw Ratio: 1.45 ~ 1.95 BX-DLTZ1 Long Throw Lens Zoom Ratio: 1.9X Throw Ratio: 1.93 ~ 3.71 BX-DLST2 Extra Long Throw Lens Zoom Ratio: 1.9X Throw Ratio: 3.67 ~ 6.98 EH7700 Lenses Featured Product INPUTS/OUTPUTS: SPECIFICATIONS: Resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display Device 0.67" DC3 DMD DLP Brightness 7000 Lumens Contrast Ratio 5000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio Varies by Lens Image Size Varies by Lens Throw Distance Varies by Lens Weight 24kg (52.9lbs) Included Accessories AC Cord, VGA Cable, Remote, Batteries, Lens Cap, RS-232, CD-ROM, Quick Start Card, Warranty Card, DVI Adaptor, Data/ Video Colour Wheel. EH7700 WUXGA ProScene DLP Projector The Optoma EH7700 was designed to deliver outstanding brightness and unsurpassed image quality, performance and reliability to satisfy your most demanding medium to large venue projector install needs. Its powerful 7000 lumens bright output combined with an outstanding 5000:1 contrast ratio and professional grade optics deliver stunningly bright, razor sharp images with superb colour accuracy and saturation. With features like dual lamp for maximum reliability, mechanical shutter, 360 degree operation, colour matching system, dimmable lamp output, user interchangeable colour wheel and a complete suite of optional lenses, the Optoma EH7700 is the ideal projector for boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, edge blending applications and much more. Built around Optoma's strict ProScene quality specifications, you will find the EH7700 to be one of the most reliable and dependable projectors in the industry. All Optoma ProScene projectors are designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Only the most reliable, industry proven components are used to ensure superior reliability. This hard-earned "capability" has been meticulously developed over a decade of designing, manufacturing, and supporting millions of projectors the world over. The dust-sealed, filter-free design in the Optoma EH7700 prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system - ensuring optimal image quality with minimal maintenance. ProScene customers can therefore be confident that, as one of the most reliable projector brands in the industry today, Optoma has a reputation for service excellence that is well deserved. Optoma EH7700 large venue business projector key features and benefits. 7000 Lumens, 7500 Center Lumens High Resolution Display (1920 x 1200) Dual-Lamp Design 24x7 Operation Five Optional Lenses Motorized Focus, Zoom and Lens Shift Full Connectivity Mechanical Shutter - Provides Image Mute Full Support for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN Commands Powerful Image Blending Controls 3-Axis Colour Matching System 8x Lamp-Power Steps EH7700 - Also Available in White Component RGBHV 7000 Lumens Ethernet HDMI RS-232 S-Video USB VGA 3.5mm Stereo Screen Trigger DVI

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