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MOBILE / PORTABLE PROJECTORS WE RECOMMEND 151 Featured Product CP-WX4042WN WXGA 3LCD Projector From classrooms to conference rooms, Hitachi's CP-WX4042WN can make a big impact on your audience. With 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness and WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution, the CP-WX4042WN is designed to make any message more memorable withcolorful images, crisp text, and powerfully clear audio. Incorporating Hitachi's leading-edge technology, the CP-WX4042WN features high contrast ratio, long lamp life, cloning function enabling you to copy configuration settings from one projector to others of the same model, and is wireless presentation compatible. Plus, embedded networking gives you the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over your LAN (scheduling of events, centralized reporting, image transfer, and e-mail alerts). Even with the the array of advanced features, Hitachi's CP-WX4042WN is designed for user-friendly operation and installation convenience. Accentualizer: Hitachi original technology makes pictures look more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade to make pictures as clear as pictures on a flat-panel device. You can also adjust the effects by three levels according to your surroundings so that the colors of projected images are the actual colors of the objects they represent. HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range): When average projectors are used in bright rooms, the darker colors of an image deteriorate and images become unclear. Using this function, blurred images caused by room lighting or outside light sources are corrected, and an effect similar to increasing contrast occurs. This results in clear images even in bright rooms. Projector Quick Connection App For Mobile Devices: Our iOS application offers full projector control and also provides the capability to display photos, document files and web site contents. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Works over your LAN via your RJ-45 port or via an optional USBWL11N wireless adapter. Wired and Wireless Switcher Solutions: Multifunctional switcher operates in conjunction with the receiver to provide expanded source selection and switching options for connected devices. The switcher is sold as an optional accessory that can provide 1080p 30 fps wireless via WHDI for both video and audio. CP-WX4042WN Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800 Display Device 3LCD Brightness 4000 Lumens Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio 1.5-1.8 : 1 Image Size 30" - 300"/ 76~762cm Throw Distance 35" - 456.6"/ 89-1160cm Weight 6.8lbs/ 3kg Included Accessories Remote Control, Two AA Batteries, RGB Cable, Power Cord, User's Manual, Safety Manual. INPUTS/OUTPUTS: SPECIFICATIONS: RCA Video RS-232 3.5mm Stereo VGA HDMI Ethernet USB 4000 Lumens Entry Intermediate High Brightness Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800 Brightness: 3000 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 30-300"/ 76~762cm Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800 Brightness: 3700 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 30-300"/ 76~762cm Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800 Brightness: 4000 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 30-300"/ 76~762cm CP-WX3042WN CP-WX3541WN CP-WX4042WN WXGA PORTABLE CLASSROOM AND CONFERENCE ROOM SERIES COMPARISON Look for the latest from Hitachi at MV-PROJSP-PRO Projector Mounts Allows for convenient and secure projector installation on ceilings requiring a 1.5" column. Designed with the price-conscious, time-restricted professional in mind, it can support projectors weighing up to 33lbs.

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