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Bold and bright like never before

Corporate Higher Education Hotels

Christie D13HD-HS WUXGA 12,000 Center Lumens Christie D13WU-HS FULL HD 12,500 Center Lumens

Houses of Worship Public Spaces Rental Staging

Christie HS Series


Christie HS Series 1DLP Projectors

Achieve high-precision images and unparalleled color reproduction with super-quiet operation for your presentations and displays. Christie HS Series offers the brightest 1DLP laser phosphor projectors with Christie BoldColor Technology, boasting up to 13,500 lumens in WUXGA and HD resolutions. Backed by industry-leading warranties and service, you can be confident in your investment. Performance that Removes Boundaries Take on big projects, including projection mapping or multi-array projection, using camera-based warping and blending. Handling and installation are also easier with this lightweight, compact design and loop-through capability. Ultra-quiet operation allows Christie HS Series to be incorporated into noise-sensitive environments without adding audible distractions. Laser Phosphor Makes a Discernible Difference When you're looking for powerful, long-life projection, a broader color gamut and a superior image, Christie HS Series delivers 24/7 with solid-state illumination. Taking color performance and image quality to the next level, Christie BoldColor Technology delivers images that are bold and realistic at high brightness levels, resulting in richer, more appealing visual content and meeting the Rec. 709 standard for high-definition color reproduction. Features: High-Quality, Brighter Images Smooth, Seamless Content Unparalleled Color Reproduction Quick, Easy Warping And Blending Stable, Consistent Performance - 24/7 Long Life Easy To Handle And Install With A Lightweight, Compact Design Loop Through Capability Backed By Industry-Leading Warranties And Service DICOM Simulation Mode For Training Purposes

Christie D13WU-HS, Christie D13HD-HS

12,500 Lumens 12,000 Lumens tate illumination. Christie stic at t Design Christie HS Series Optional Lenses

140-115108-01 1.02-1.36:1 zoom lens* 140-114107-01 0.84-1.02:1 zoom lens* *No zoom/focus memory 140-109101-01 1.2-1.5:1 zoom lens (Full ILS) 140-110103-01 1.5-2.0:1 zoom lens (Full ILS)

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