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Christie Captiva Series Ultra Short Throw Projectors

1DLP Laser Phosphor Ultra Short Throw Projectors Captivate audiences, inspire creativity and nurture collaboration with the Christie Captiva Series of 1DLP laser phosphor ultra short throw projectors. Maximize your space without sacrificing visual impact with one of the shortest throw distances on the market. Empower your content by creating canvases up to 140" diagonal in landscape or portrait mode, easily add interactivity capabilities and run multiple applications simultaneously. With the choice of standard HD (DHD400S) or ultra wide (DUW350S) aspect ratios, the Christie Captiva Series allows you to create and share unique user experiences whether it's in the classroom, conference room or retail environment. Based on laser phosphor illumination, these solid state lampless projectors provide 20,000 hours of low cost and reliable operation while offering a suite of easy-to-use features, multiple mounting options and instant on/off, letting you focus on what's important - the content.

Laser Phosphor Projection

Laser phosphor illumination is a lamp-less projection technology. Laser phosphor projectors use a blue laser diode as the light source. To generate the three primary colors - red, blue, green - the laser diode shines laser light onto a phosphor wheel to create yellow (an additive mixture of red and green). Blue light is generated as the blue laser passes through a diffusion segment. The projector then sends the separated red, green and blue colors in sequence through a color wheel, then onto an imaging surface, such as a DLP chip, which sends the light through a lens and onto the projection screen.

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