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Resolution XGA 1024 x 768 Display Device 0.63 3LCD Brightness 3600 Lumens Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 Aspect Ratio 4:3, Supports 16:9 Throw Ratio 0.3 : 1 Image Size 60" - 100" / 152.4-254cm Throw Distance 3.8" - 13.9" / 9.7-35.3cm Weight 4.3kg Included Accessories Remote Control, Batteries, Power Cord, RGB Cable, User's Manual, Cable Cover, Wireless Adapter Cover, Application CD, Wall Mount.


CP-AX3505 XGA 3LCD Ultra Short Throw

Hitachi's CP-AX3505 ultra short throw LCD projector is ideally suited for producing large images in limited spaces. It provides vibrant image quality with cost-effective operation. A suite of advanced features normally found only on higher end models includes High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR), 2 HDMI ports, and Hitachi's original technology Accentualizer that allows the projected image to appear more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade. Along with its light weight and compact design, the CP-AX3505 offers Hitachi's most appreciated installation feature, "Perfect Fit", allowing time savings and ease of installation. Accentualizer: Hitachi original technology makes pictures look more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade to make pictures as clear as pictures on a flat-panel device. You can also adjust the effects by three levels according to your surroundings so that the colourss of projected images are the actual colourss of the objects they represent. HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range): When average projectors are used in bright rooms, the darker colourss of an image deteriorate and images become unclear. Using this function, blurred images caused by room lighting or outside light sources are corrected, and an effect similar to increasing contrast occurs. This results in clear images even in bright rooms. ImageCare Technology: ImageCare is a lamp power control function that combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings by decreasing energy usage, improving contrast ratio and lengthening lamp life. The result is a lower total cost of ownership and decreased maintenance cost. Tabletop Presentation: Make any tabletop a projection screen using the optional tabletop stand. Ideal for a small group environment or in a room with limited space. Present Content via LAN: Hitachi's suite of networking software allows you to easily send content directly from your PC to the projector via your LAN connection.


RCA Video RS-232 3.5mm Stereo HDMI Ethernet USB VGA

3600 Lumens

HAS-WMO3 Throw Distance: 4.1" - 16 .1" Swivel: +/- 3 Pitch: +/- 3 Roll: +/- 3 Height Adjustment: +/- 0.8" Cable Management: Yes Weight Capacity: 12.8lbs Dimensions: 10.8" X 12.4" X 18.6" to 31.6"

Elite WXGA Entry XGA High Brightness XGA

Resolution: XGA 1024 x 768 Brightness: 2700 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 60-100" Resolution: XGA 1024 x 768 Brightness: 3600 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 60-100" Resolution: XGA 1024 x 768 Brightness: 3300 Lumens Contrast: 10,000:1 Image: 60-100"

CP-AX3005 CP-AX2505 CP-AX3505


Mustang Screens SC-T100D43 - 4:3 Tripod Screen Diagonal Size: 254cm (100") Dimensions: 203.2cm x 152.4cm (80" x 60") NTSC Aspect Ratio 4:3 Matte White Surface

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