Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 224 Eductation and Collaboration Solutions

EDUCATION AND COLLABORATION SOLUTIONS 224 HamiltonBuhl - Never Ending Learning Innovation Since our founding in 1933, HamiltonBuhl continues to evolve as a leader in technology products for Education and Industry. From the beginning, the HamiltonBuhl brand has provided innovative technology for the classroom. We understand what products stu- dents of all ages and teachers need. With this as our objective, we develop and build vital tools for learning. Our company is recognized for delivering both simple and advanced technologies in thousands of classrooms around the world every day. Our mission is to enhance the teaching and learning experience through innovative classroom technology. To that end, we provide innovative products to help educators facilitate the learning process for students of all ages. HamiltonBuhl products are developed and tested with the help of teachers and students around the world, lending credence to our motto of Never Ending Learning Innovation. The current HamiltonBuhl brand continue to expand with exciting new products including: Listening Centers with iPod, SD Card and USB MP3 Capability Wireless Headphones and Listening Centers Upgraded Digital Cameras Flat Panel Carts Digital Signage for Education Headphones & Headsets Beyond our products, the growing HamiltonBuhl team is dedi- cated to top-quality customer service and support. We always keep in mind that we are here to serve educators so that they can concentrate on teaching our children. In addition to serving educators, HamiltonBuhl community of customers is continuously expanding. Our products are embraced by corporate trainers, presenters, government agen- cies, hospitals and others for their daily presentation, board room and meeting needs. . We understand what products stu- l i O i i d v f vation or Education and

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