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Diagonal Size: 213.36cm (84") Physical Dimensions: 177.8cm x 137.16cm (70" x 54") HDTV Aspect Ratio 4:3 High-Contrast White Surface Diagonal Size: 254cm (100") Physical Dimensions: 213.36cm x 162.56cm (84" x 64") HDTV Aspect Ratio 4:3 High-Contrast White Surface 233.68cm (92") Diagonal Size Physical Dimensions: 213.36cm x 124.46cm (84" x 49") 16:9 Home Theater Aspect Ratio Cinema White Surface


342.9cm (135") Diagonal Size Physical Dimensions: 304.8cm x 172.72cm (120" x 68") 16:9 Home Theater Aspect Ratio Cinema White Surface


269.24cm (106") Diagonal Size Physical Dimensions: 243.84cm x 137.16cm (96" x 54") 16:9 Home Theater Aspect Ratio Cinema White Surface

SC-F106CW169 SC-F84W43 SC-F100W43

One chief component of the home theater experience is the large size of the movie screen. In a theater, the screen takes up most of your field of view, which makes it very easy to lose yourself in the movie. After all, you're sitting in the dark with only one thing to look at, and everything you're looking at seems much bigger than life. Some would opt to buy the cheapest home theater screens. You may even put up a white sheet or simply use a smooth white wall as your front projection TV screen. But, to get a true home theater experience and to allow your audio and video equipment to be enjoyed at its maximum potential, you need a good quality screen. Even the best projector will lose image quality without a good screen. Fortunately, Mustang offers a wide selection of screens to meet the needs of your home theater. Product Features

Easy-to-assemble black frame. Matte white viewing surface optimizes the brilliant color palette of the projector. Screen surface is machine washable. Five-year warranty.

Home Cinema Screens

Home cinema screens are the secret behind a great image projection and an enjoyable cinematic experience. A powerful projector is not a prerequisite for the best cinema experience - but a suitable projector screen is an essential requirement for the best results. With a little care, consideration, and - in comparison to the cost of your video projector - a relatively minimal expense, you can transform the video image that you watch into something really worth watching.

4:3 Standard Fixed Frame Screens 16:9 Fixed Frame Cinema Screens

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