Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 277 Unified Communications and Video Conferencing

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND VIDEO CONFERENCING 277 Visual Collaboration has Become a Reality! With the advent of small form factor computers and high quality USB cameras the creation of a complete visual collaboration space has become a reality. Several years ago as VDO360 was the first to bring a combination package of an Intel NUC computer and an enterprise grade camera to the market. Many competitors followed our leading edge and some continue to copy that model today. As good as that solution was, in our eyes there was still an issue. Wires! Lots and lots of wires. Those huddle rooms are now a cabling nightmare. So, how do we fix that? By using Intel Unite for the wireless connectivity along with a Bluetooth connection to the Harman/Kardon speakerphone, we eliminate that pesky puck and cable pile along with making the installation process very simple. With Unite, after a one-time software install on a Windows or MacOS device, connection with colleagues near and far is instant. No more fumbling with cables or dongles to share a screen. Simply enter the six- digit PIN shown on the display and press a button to start sharing. 256-bit SSL data encryption helps protect the data you share, while all data traffic remains safely within the company network. Attendees from any location can view, annotate, and share documentsin real time, every time. When the meeting ends, they can distribute content using the built-in file transfer feature. No more dongles or administration questions when supporting wireless presentations. And the VDO360 Clearwater System is the first Visual Collaboration device to be Intel Unite Hub capable. And speaking of support- vPro capability is also included for your IT department's piece of mind. Intel Core vPro processors offer wireless innovations, built-in security, faster performance and improved manageability that will allow workers and companies to improve their productivity and stay competitive. VDO360 Presents the Evolution of the Visual Collaboration Space s! mare. Share Your Screen System is th to be Intel U support- vP IT departme processo security, man a

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