Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 279 Unified Communications and Video Conferencing

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND VIDEO CONFERENCING 279 USB 2.0 1080p/30, MJPEG, RS-232/ NECC, UVC 1.1 Controls, Grid Autofocus, 62.5 FOV, IR Remote, and Cables USB 2.0 1080p/30 MJPEG RS- 232/NECC, IR Remote, and Cables USB 3.0 and DVI (DVI-HDMI Adaptor Included) 1080p/60 YUY2 RS-232/NECC, IR Remote, and Cables The RTLS sensors are mounted in the lecture space and the presenter carries a very small fob that provides the sensors, through triangulation, an exact position in three dimensions. The software interprets the motion and decides when, where, and just how fast to move the camera head. We worked with Jigabot, the leader in broadcast camera systems, with their expertise and our innovations in USB cameras we have developed the AP (which stands for AutoPilot) sensor system which is a RTLS (Real Time Location System) based control. This evolutionary tracking system has been developed to work with our new CompassX camera as well as our Saber camera! VPTZH-04 - Compass X VPTZH-02 - Compass U3D-12FHD6 - Saber The Autopilot Camera Tracking System USB 2.0 1080p/30 MJPEG IR Remote, and Cables VPTZH-03 - Beacon USB 2.0 to Cat5/6 Extender up to 50M VUSBEXT-U Springline 0 MJPEG RS mote, and USB 2.0 IR Re Quality USB peripherals for Video and Audio will drive UCC adoption within any organization. The line between a true enterprise device and one designed for home use is not a fine one- it shows in the seamless installation of a camera without a pile of cables, it shows in the optics of that camera, and it shows in the quality of the audio offering. It also shows in the support that VDO360 shows the Value Added Reseller. A strong MAP policy and never selling direct to the consumer is key. The VAR can count on VDO360. From our most basic USB 2.0 camera, the Beacon, to the highest quality available anywhere in USB 3.0 camera, the Saber, to the world's first all-inclusive UC&C device, the Clearwater system, VDO360 is about the right solution. While most have heard of, and have an understanding of, Unified Communication and Collaboration as a software or cloud solution, what we want to show you is the importance of the hardware solutions we offer and the value they add. WHY USB? Cabl b bl b es es d) d

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