Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 287 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 287 UNMANNED EDUCATION AND TECHNICAL TRAINING Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) is the first university in the world licensed to grant a doctorate degree in unmanned (air, ground, sea and space) systems, masters degrees in unmanned systems engineering and a certificate in UAS project management as a totally online curriculum. The university's primary focus area is on unmanned air, ground, sea and space systems education and training. Most of the faculty at the university have PhDs in engineering and combined experience of over 500 years. The university's UAV instructor pilots have combined experience of over 60,000 hours in Predator, Reaper, Global Hawk, Hermes, Heron, Aerostar and many small UAVs. THE FIRST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD TO OFFER DEGREES IN UNMANNED SYSTEMS ENGINEERING OUR MISSION We will employ the best faculty to research, develop, and deliver market leading unmanned systems curriculum to our students through the latest technology. OUR VISION We will be the world's best at providing unmanned systems education and training. FAA PART 333 UVU has earned the FAA Part 333 Exemption for Commercial drone use. This is a very cool model for graduate education. Tight niche, world-class experts, affordable classes, and global reach via the Web." - DAVE GOLDBURG, PROFESSOR EMERITUS, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBAN-CHAMPAIGN "

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