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Specialist AV for Business and Education

Flatscreen and Whiteboard Lifts & Stands EM16 Touchscreen wall stand adjustable to from 1.2m to 1.6m for those situations where the wall itself is not strong enough to support a touchscreen EPF115 Motorised Flatscreen wall lift with 450mm movement, univer- tbm!tpmvujpo!gps!bmm!nblft!pg!butdsffo!xjui!b!nbyjnvn!mpbe!mjnju!pg! 100 Kg FQG227!Npupsjtfe!Joufsbdujwf!Xijufcpbse!mjgu!gps!yjoh!bhbjotu!b!xbmm! or our mobile version with castors. Universal solution for all makes of qspkfdupst-!boe!bmm!nblft!pg!xijufcpbset!nbyjnvn/!Xfjhiu!mjnju!71lh Active Speaker & Soundbar EA015 40 Watt and 80 Watt Wall Mounted Active Classroom Speak- fst!.!3y!31!xbuu!boe!3y!51!xbuu!fydfmmfou!dmbttsppn!bvejp!tztufn!xjui! IR or wired remote control wall or 'C' brackets EA014 40 Watt or 80 Watt Wall mounted Active whiteboard classroom speakers for use wit an Interactive Whiteboard in a classroom or meeting room with USB audio input and SD Drive EA56 40 Watt or 80 Watt Soundbar in wood case with USB audio and SD drive input for Interactive Whiteboards and Touchscreens - class- room speakers EA124 40 Watt, 50 Watt or 60 Watt Soundbars for Classroom, Meet- ing rooms or general use with Bluetooth, Optical and RCA inputs plus Bass sub-woofer Audio Visual Cable Kits Qmvh.boe.qmbz!dbcmf!cpy!bwbjmbcmf!jo!uxp!wfstjpot!Gfnbmf!up!Gfnbmf!! ps!Gfnbmf!up!Nbmf/!Cpui!ibwf!uif!tbnf!eftjho!pg!tuffm!cpy!xjui! sfnpwfbcmf!mje!boe!lopdl!pvut!fud!gps!dbcmf!fousz!bu!upq-!cbdl!boe! sides. Npevmbs!Gbdfqmbuf!Tjohmf!hboh!97y97nn!jt!tuboebse!VL0FV!tj{f-! boe!uif!257y97!nn!evbm!hboh!jt!tuboebse!VL!xjui!b!mbshf!tfmfdujpo! pg!BW!npevmft0!cbdl!up!cbdl!mfbet!up!dipptf!gspn! Dpowfoujpobm!Gbdfqmbuf!Evbm!Hboh!boe!cbdlcpy!tvqqmjfe!xjui!qsf. ufsnjobufe!dbcmft!jo!hjgucpy/!:nn!uijdl!tuboebse!VL!Gbdfqmbuf!xjui! cbdlcpy!boe!tmjefs!dbcmf!bddftt!jodmveft!dbcmf!tfu!jo!3n-!6n!21n!ps! 15m options Dbcmf!tfut!gps!Qmvh!boe!Qmbz-!Npevmbs!boe!dpowfoujpobm!gbdfqmbuf! opsnbmmz!jodmvef!3n-!6n-!21n!1s!26n!mfohuit!dpnqsjtjoh!WHB-! HDMI, RCA video, RCA audio, 3.5mm

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