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AUDIO AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 310 AmpliVox Sound Systems manufactures superior quality public address sound systems with legendary reliability and performance and warranty up to six years. Select From Over 30 Models - Made In the USA Eco-Friendly - Huge Selection You will find a sound system to meet your every coverage and style need. Whether you are in a small meeting room with 30 people or in a 20,000-square-foot auditorium with an audience of up to 5,000 people, AmpliVox Sound Systems' extensive selection of superior quality, easy to operate, and reliable electronics will get your message out with crystal clear sound and provide maximum satisfaction. AmpliVox Exclusives iPod Portable PA System - 30-watt PA with wireless mic and iPod dock for multimedia presentations with built-in CD/DVD/MP3. Video out for watching DVDs. Voice Priority allows you to mute music or DVD while you speak. Digital Travel Audio Partner - 250-watt PA with remote control, built-in CD, USB and SD slot. Wireless and wired mics. Use indoors or outside. Classroom Listening Centers - Boombox with CD player and radio, listening stations, headphone jack boxes, stereo headphone with volume control. Half Mile Hailer - With 50-watt amp for outdoor athletic events, announcements and crowd control. Personal PAs - Lightweight waistband PAs for use indoors or out. EXTEND YOUR VOICE WITH AMPLIVOX PORTABLE SOUND SYSTEMS y p y Use with our NEW S1697 Universal Headset/Handheld Microphone! It is an easy to use and affordable Universal digital wireless headset microphone system. Plug the receiver into any audio device (microphone / line in jack ) with a speaker and amplifier and start talking. Remove the headband from the transmitter and you can use it as a handheld microphone - two microphones in one! Utilizing digital wireless technology, this microphone operates in the 2.4GHz range which is completely free of TV and radio interference. It outperforms similarly priced VHF systems with better than CD quality digital audio and delivers dependable operation out to a distance of 49 feet or beyond with direct line of sight. Features: Lightweight Contemporary Design Unidirectional Pick-Up Pattern Reduces Background Noise Flex-Tube Design Lets You Adjust Its Angle to Suit Your Needs Includes Slip-On Acoustic Foam Windscreen for Added Protection Against Breath and Wind Noise Smooth, Tailored Frequency Response: 20-20KHz Charging Time: 1 Hour Working Time: 5 Hours - Includes USB Charging Cable Requires USB Charger (Not Included) Automatic Syncing Between Transmitter and Receiver Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz Current: <70mA Universal Digital Wireless Headset / Handheld Microphone 2.4GHz Universal Digital Wireless Headset/Handheld Microphone.S1697 se Works as a Headset Mic -OR- Handheld Mic

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