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AUDIO AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 314 Creating Technology Today for Tomorrow's World has been Calibre's mission over the past three decades. The multi-award winning British based manufacturer has been the centre of excellence for providing visually stunning image scaling technology for use in the presentation, ProAV, broadcast, digital cinema, home security and medical markets. Calibre design and manufacture products under its own brand-names HQUltra, HQView, LEDView and Fovea as well as being a highly effective OEM partner to many well-known companies in specialist markets, providing customised image scaling and processing solutions. Its technology foundation provides the ProAV user with the latest 4K image processing within an incredibly, versatile range of scaler-switchers. The All-In-One Solution for Professional AV Presentations Education, Corporate AV, Hotel, Training Rooms, Events, Broadcast, IMAG. It's fast, it's easy to use, with the quality YOU demand and expect from Calibre products. Calibre's HQUltraFast input switching technology is able to change inputs in approximately 0.25 seconds , using Calibre's proprietary HQUltra halo-free low-latency scaling, these products provide stunning image quality in demanding applications providing the ultimate scaler-switcher solution, with easy transition between different generations of sources & displays by seamlessly interfacing between 4K, HD, & even SD signals. Many configurations are available including video scaler-switchers, audio and video scaler switchers with analog audio, microphone inputs and integral 30W RMS power amplifier and also models with inbuilt H.264 1080p streaming video decoder. The streaming video models provide the perfect cross over between conventional and streaming video sources. Bring UHD capability to LED screens. Professional AV, Staging, Broadcast, House of Worship, Medical, Corporate AV, Education and Sports Arenas Using Calibre's proprietary HQUltra halo-free low latency scaling, these products provide stunning image quality in demanding applications providing the ultimate scaler-switcher solution. Incorporating HQUltra pixel-accurate image resizing with outstanding downscaling and up scaling capability and HQUltraFast input switching technology to change inputs in approximately 0.25 seconds. As with previous generations of Calibre LED Scalers, the LEDView700 series includes Calibre's Fast and perfectly Accurate screen set-up interface with edge-based sizing and positioning. HQView600 Series 4K Presentation Scaler-Switchers LEDView700 Series 4K LED Scaler-Switchers

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