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AUDIO AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 315 HQVIEW & LEDVIEW HD SCALERS WITH WARP AND BLEND FEATURES Applications Include Professional AV, Staging, Broadcast Projection and LED, Houses of Worship, Corporate, Education, Immersive AV and Museums HQView530 is a universal HD image scaler and scan converter. It has 3G-SDI input and output connectivity, genlock, pan/zoom/tilt and interlaced or progressive output capability, able to up, down or cross convert virtually all video signal formats. Powerful geometry correction is able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin/barrel/rotation, or by keystone and rotation. An automatic portrait extraction mode is also provided. Professional grade 48-bit per pixel 4-sided soft edge blend provides seamless blending of multiple projectors using Calibre's proprietary blend processor with 8-zone blending and 9-zone black level correction. HQView530 includes full warp mapping for projection onto curved and irregular surfaces and precise image alignment as well as including blend and geometry correction. HQView325 is a highly flexible warp and blend scaler featuring 4-sided soft edge blend with multi-region black level correction for seamless blending of multiple projectors and full warp mapping support. HQView320 provides geometry correction, blend and warp processing capabilities, but with DVI/HDMI, VGA Analog (via DVI-I) and Component Video connectivity only, housed in a compact package for installation behind a projector or in a control desk. HQView310 is a lower-cost alternative without full warp capability. HQView210 is an SDI to DVI/HDMI scaler with geometry correction and RGB color calibration as well as image rotation and portrait mode extraction. Note this model does not include full warp and blend. LEDView530 is an LED scaler for professional, broadcast, sports and rental/staging use. LEDView530 features front panel LCD menu and jog-wheel control and supports screens from 128x96 to 1920x1200 pixels per unit with innovative and powerful pixel-accurate output window per-edge-based sizing. LEDView530 can also be used in projection mode with warp and blend capabilities for optimal hire-fleet inventory utilisation. trol desk. er be used H210 H310 H320 H325 H530 L530 Front LCD menu or OSD control HDMI HD Input DVI/HDMI HD Input Component Input Composite Inputs VGA Analog Input Composite Input 3G-SDI Input DVI / HDMI HD Output VGA Analog Output 3G-SDI Output PIP TCP/IP Webserver & API Control 3G-SDI Audio embed/de-embed & SPDIF Genlock - V-Lock Pan, Zoom, Tilt (PTZ) Videowall mode with auto PTZ LED Videowall Per-Edge Sizing Geometry Correction, 4-Corner, Rotate Edge Blend Black Level Correction OSD BNCs DVI-I BNCs (2) BNCs OSD LCD Edge Blending Mesh-based Warp, config via PC App HQV Processing

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