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Discover how Vidyo brings visual collaboration to any application or workflow

Conventional video systems lock you into custom hardware, specialized chips, and a heavy-duty infrastructure just to support multiple participants in a conference. Vidyo solutions are different. Because the Vidyo architecture sidesteps compute-intensive bottlenecks like transcoding, components like VidyoRouter run as software on mainstream server and virtual platforms. Powered by Intel CPUs, VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama systems deliver greater performance and value with every generation. As for personal conferencing, Vidyo apps and plug-ins run on the computers and mobile devices you already own. Because Vidyo solutions leverage the power of mass-market platforms, Ultra HD conferencing is as affordable as a voice-only call. With Vidyo, native Ultra HD and multipoint capability combine high resolution and fidelity with incredibly low latency, even over the public Internet and wireless networks. With click-to-connect simplicity, guests can participate from their computer or mobile device, or from any vendor's conference room system. Enhance collaboration with multi-party content sharing, a Vidyo-exclusive feature where multiple participants can share and edit content into the conference at the same time. And thanks to loss-less cascading - where multiple VidyoRouter components act as one - quality is consistent even in large conferences spanning multiple geographies.

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