Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 331 Audio and Signal Distribution

AUDIO AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 331 TC 2 -AMP 3 2 x 20W Digital Amplifier Module Extremely Small 2 x 20W (RMS) at 8 ohms Digital Amplifier 2 x Stereo Inputs (Input 1 is Duplicated on Front and Rear) IR Remote Control Included By using latest low-impedance digital amplifier chip technology the new Techconnect Amp 2 module outputs a massive 2 x 20W RMS (at 8 ohms) but fits into the space of a Techconnect module. Quick-Access Input Two inputs are wired into the rear with remov- able phoenix connectors, however a new feature of this amplifier is that Input 1 is dupli- cated on the front panel with a minijack socket for convenience. This half-normalled input disconnects the rear terminal while in use. Green D-Class Amplifier Digital amplifiers use no power unless they are amplifying program, so even on at full volume; unless it is receiving input it is effectively off. Digital amplifiers also have the advantage of running cold so a bulky heatsink is not necessary... but don't let size deceive you: the Techconnect Amp2 can drive into a 4 ohm load allowing you to power up to four 8 ohm speakers (or two 4 ohm speakers). LED Display A clear display makes the product easy to use and a simple soft-control interface gives instant access to controls. Because the control panel can be installed anywhere in the room it is more convenient than traditional powered speakers where access to the controls can be awkward. Remote Included Whether you need a small system or a large system; just buy what you need. Transmitters and receivers are sold separately. Easy to Install and Uninstall We have paid special attention to creating a robust product that is simple and easy to install; the inputs and outputs are all via removable phoenix connectors which allow non-technical end users to uninstall it very easily if required. Short input cables are included for connection to the rear of adja- cent input modules on the Techconnect. External Power Supply The compact transformer has interchange- able power prongs which fix directly to the transformer chassis. A 15' DC tail which can be shortened means easy routing of power cable through trunking. Wall Mounted and Secure Ideal when you don't have furniture to sit an amplifier on, and because it is mounted to the wall it is much less obvious as a target for theft. It is close at hand if volume adjustments need to be made, making it perfect for training rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms. Integrated Techconnect Family Included is a single-gang backbox and surround, or alternately you can mount the amplifier module in a doublegang surround with other Techconnect modules. TECHCONNECT AMPLIFIER FINALIST InAVation Awards "Commercial Audio Product of the Year" 2010 WINNER AV Awards "Audio Product of the Year" 2009 FINALIST AV Awards "Green Product of the Year" 2010 SPECIFICATIONS AMPLIFIER DIMENSIONS: 1.7" x 2.8" x 1.6" CARTON DIMENSIONS: 9.1" x 3.9" x 2.5" PRODUCT WEIGHT: 1.1lbs PACKAGED WEIGHT: 2.4lbs COLOR: White INPUTS: 2 x Stereo Inputs via Removable Phoenix Connectors TECHNICAL DETAILS: 2 x 20W @ 8 ohms Total Harmonic Distortion: Less Than or Equal to 1% (20Hz~22kHz) Frequency Response (Line In): 80Hz~22kHz(2dB) Signal to Noise Ratio (Line In): More Than or Equal to 98dB (A-Weighted) Rating Input Level/Impedance: Line in 500mV/50k Power Consumption (Rating Condition): Less Than or Equal to 40W ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1 x Single-Gang Backbox 1 x Single-Gang Surround 2 x 4" Input Cables 2 x Unshielded Speaker Cable 16' Long 1 x Remote Control with Batteries POWER SUPPLY: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC External Power Supply - Integrated Transformer/Plug Type. DC Output 12V 3A, DC Cable 15' Transformer Dimensions: 96 x 44 x 28mm Interchangeable Prongs WARRANTY: 2-Year Return to Base COMPLIANCES: RoHS, WEEE & CE Compliant ORDER NUMBER: TC2-AMP2 Bundled with SP-1700 Loudspeakers: TC2-AMP2+SP-1700 Bundled with CS-1600 Loudspeakers: TC2-AMP2+CS-1600

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