Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 333 Audio and Signal Distribution

AUDIO AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION 333 3-gang frame which ac- commodates six modules. Fits any standard 3-gang US backbox. Manu code: TCUS SURR3G 3-GANG US SURROUND 3-GANG FLUSH MOUNT US MUD-RING 1-GANG US SURROUND 1-GANG FLUSH MOUNT US MUD-RING Standard 3-gang US flush-mount mud-ring for hollow (or dry) walls. Manu code: TCUS MUDRING3G 1-gang frame which accommodates two modules. Fits any standard 1-gang US backbox. Manu code: TCUS SURR1G Standard 1-gang US flush-mount mud-ring for hollow (or dry) walls. Manu code: TCUS MUDRING1G TECHCONNECT BACKBOXES AND SURROUNDS G DOUBLE-GANG TABLE MOUNTED UK BACKBOX Double-gang UK backbox (pattress) for mount- ing onto a table. Aluminium. Manu code: TC2 BACKBOX2GT Table backbox constructed with aluminium with thin 6.5mm bezel. Surround (included) can accomodate up to five modules Eliminate Trip Hazards Put the connectivty faceplate in the table where it belongs. Easy-Access The surround can be mounted near the surface directly under the lid so the users don't have to lean right over the table to see the inputs. Variable Height If users prefer to leave cables plugged in with the lid closed, the surround can lowered 65mm and mounted at the bottom of the chassis. Pull-Up-Style With the surround fitted in the lower position blank Techconnect modules can be modi- fied to allow a cable to be installed under the table and pulled up from the faceplate. fo or SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 163mm long x 126mm wide x 96mm deep PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 173 x 136 x 105mm PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.45kg PACKAGED WEIGHT: 0.6kg CUTOUT: 151 x 114mm COLOR: Aluminium CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Aluminium and Plastic ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1 x TC2 SURR2G Double-Gang UK Surround Note: No Modules are Included WARRANTY: 2-Year Return to Base COMPLIANCE: RoHS Compliant ORDER PART CODE: TC-TILT2 TECHCONNECT TILT

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