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Managing and booking meeting rooms just got simpler with the Android booking solution from Visneto. Visneto makes workplace coordination easy and room reservation more efficient. Visneto syncs with your existing calendar or Exchange calendar, which makes it easy to manage. Visneto also gives you the option to book meetings in real-time with your phone, computer or Visneto touch tablet outside the meeting room. Through simple settings you have the option to customize and personalize your Visneto to make it even more exclusive and time saving. The Android display you use can be placed vertically or horizontally. As proof of this agile development approach, JOAN has been awarded with the Red Dot, the highest international distinction for high design quality. It was also crowned with the CES Innovation Award for its eco-design and sustainability.

Visneto XL is integrated into existing calendar / booking system

Visneto XL is a new and user-friendly system app that shows optional bookings on a display at front desk or unmanned entry to the office. Customers who previously have an internal conference booking system can now connect to Visneto XL and get a smart and educational overview of all meeting rooms.

Smart programming choice for Visneto XL

In Visneto XL the room arrangement is chosen freely, which room will be shown first and as number two and so on. It is completely free to also enter the rooms that are desired on the assembly screen as long as they are on the same server, if an office has many rooms or entrances, it is possible to spread the rooms on differ- ent screens.The information retrieved from the mail server can be renamed with alias.

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