Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 351 Furniture, Carts, Racks and Cases

FURNITURE CARTS, RACKS AND CASES 351 FURNITURE CARTS, RACKS AND CASES WorksZone Collaboration Tables are flexible workstations that combine innovate furniture design with audio visual technologies in order facilitate group interaction. With a TechWellTM providing 13U worth of rack space, WorksZone Collaboration Tables keep integrated technology all in one place, enabling easy access to any connectivity solutions for users. WorksZone Collaboration Tables can be used with or without the optional WorksZone Screen Support depending on the function of the room. This stylised screen support can be positioned to suit different workspace environments; at either the sides or end of the table. Drawings can also be provided of the worktop for self-manufacture. Features: Up to 6 Seat Mobile on lockdown castors Customisable centralised connectivity module (CCM) for custom inputs and modules TechWell is designed with capacity to house latest wired and wireless collaboration devises from leading manufactures Secure access to TechWell storage compartment 19" 13U x 180mm deep rack enclosure x2 Adjustable Shelves for PC Access to x2 secure hinged doors Optional Ellipse shaped worktop or self-manufacture drawings Optional WorksZone Screen Support (Max screen weight 45kg, Size 55") WorksZone Collaboration Table Part #280006 Options Part #280010-2M-F2255 POLAR WHITE AR PLUS WorksZone Ellipse Worktop 2000x1000mm worktop Seating up to 6 users (with monitor support) F2255 Polar White AR Plus Gloss Options Part #280012-MONITORMOUNT Supports screens up to 45kg in weight Supports screens up to 60" in diameter Cable management included Multi-position either ends and sides of WorksZone Worktops

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