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Details The Techconnect is a versatile modular audio-visual faceplate designed for AV installers. A front surround fits to a backbox or mudring, then robust modules clip in to complete the installation. The system allows seamless integration of connectivity, audio, and control. Techconnect Configurator If you don't know where to start tell the Techconnect Configurator which modules you need and it will output a shopping list. Plug-In Cables Most modules feature plug-in phoenix connectors on the rear. Cables come pre-terminated with male connectors which simply plug in to the rear of the modules. Shallow Modules The VGA module is just 33mm (1.3 " ) deep from the front of the module to the back. Standard Backboxes Techconnect packages come with a surface-mounted '2-gang UK backbox' and a matching 'Surround' which the modules clip into. All parts are made from flexible plastic. Snapshot Future-proof clip-in modular faceplate packages > Plug-in cables don't require soldering > Wide range of spare modules and cables available > Packages contain basic selection of modules required for typical AV installation. TC2 Wall-Mount Faceplate Package Vision is dedicated to designing and manufacturing excellent AV installation accessories. Our goal is to offer reliable, competitively priced products which are exceptionally easy to install.

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