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HOSPITALITY 359 Hotel Safes When you can provide the best available security for the personal belongings of your guests or staff, theyll know theyre in good hands. Its a rare occasion that a hotel guest will be visiting without a laptop, or some kind of electronic equipment. They'll need a space that is big enough and secure enough for their most valuable belongings. At 15-inches, 17-inches and 19-inches, our security safes are the dependable choice when you want to provide appropriate guest security that you can rely on. 15" Hotel Safe HPSAF15BLK Our 15 laptop safes provide the space necessary for modern travelers within smaller rooms. With room for a tablet, this safe provides storage for important valuables when space is limited. 19" Hotel Safe HPSAF19BLK Our 19 laptop safes provide all the roomy space your guests could need for electronic equipment such as a laptop, any medium sized bags and other valuable items. 17" Hotel Safe HPSAF17BLK Our 17 laptop safes provide all the space necessary for travelers with a larger quantity of valuables. Fitting larger items and travel size laptops, there is also plenty of additional room for small purses and any other sizable digital equipment your guests might need to store. THE HOTEL SAFE YOU AND YOUR GUEST CAN RELY ON Key Specifications HPSAF15BLK HPSAF17BLK HPSAF19BLK Width: 13.98" (35.50cm) 16.54" (42.00cm) 19.29" (49.00cm) Depth: 10.24" (26.00cm) 14.57" (37.00cm) 15.75" (40.00cm) Height: 7.48" (19.00cm) 7.87" (20.00cm) Thickness of Body 1.5mm Thickness of Door 5mm Net Weight: 16.58lbs 23.59lbs 30.60lbs Gross Weight: 18.74lbs 26.24lbs 33.74lbs Color Options Black and Beige

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