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Energen is proud to introduce the innovative DroneMax P40, a drone battery charging station, that will not only keep your drones flying but also save you hundreds of dollars. Built for the industry leading DJI Phantom III and IV drones, the DroneMax P40 will fast charge four (4) drone batteries simultaneously or one (1) drone battery four (4) times or more. The light weight and portable P40 give you easy, on-the-go charging and extends the enjoyment of your drone flying.

Portable Drone Battery Charging Station

Energen DroneMax P40 Portable Drone Charging Station

1 year parts and labor limited warranty


World's 1st portable drone battery charging station customized for Phantom III and Phantom IV Recharge a drone battery 4 times and up Recharge 4 drone batteries simultaneously Dual USB ports for charging USB devices Portable and durable design Aluminum enclosure provides excellent heat dissipation


Product Name Model Dimension Weight Capacity Output Input DroneMax Fully Charging Time Drone Battery Charging Time Working Temperature Battery Charging Ports USB Charging Ports Charging Voltage Supporting Models DroneMax P40 EN-DM-P40 7.91" x 8.86" x 3.15" 201 x 225 x 80 mm 7.2 LB / 3.3 KG 414 Wh (27236 mAh@15.2V DC 17.5V / USB 5V 2.4A x 2 DC 12V ~ 19V 8 hrs Phantom III: 65 min Phantom IV: 80 min 23 ~ 104F / -5 ~ 40C 4 2 DC 17.5V Phantom III, Phantom IV


All charging specifications and charging times are derived from testing done at lab environment and at room temperature of 25 degree C. Your charging time will vary depending on your charging environment and the ambient operating temperature. *

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