Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 377 Appendix and Glossary

GLOSSARY 377 Preamplifier A preamp is the control center of an AV system. Source component switching is done here, as well as volume and balance control. This component generally has some degree of signal amplification associated with it. AV receivers contain both a preamp and amplifier. Progressive Scan Progressive scanning refers to the smooth picture that appears when the signal is 720 or 1080. Horizontal lines are scanned progressively or in succession in a vertical frame that is repeated 30 times a second. Projection Screens Electric Screen Electric projection screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control or wall switch. Manual Screen Manual projection screens operate just like a standard window shade, a manual projector screen is revealed by simply pulling the screen down by hand. Fixed Frame Screen Fixed Frame projection screens are permanently mounted to a wall and are ideal for Home Theaters, Boardrooms, Auditoriums. Fixed Frame screens are designed with a Tensioned screen fabric, creating the ideal flat projection surface to maximize the resolution capability and light reflectivity. Some Fixed Frame screens feature a Curved Design, which adds a flare of style while wrapping the audience in a full widescreen experience. Portable Screen Portable projection screens are designed to be transported from place to place easily.Road warrior presenters, traveling trainers, and entertainers on the go are a few typical users of portable screens. AV departments in schools, conference facilities and hotels also benefit from portable screens because they add flexibility to on-hand resources. R RCA Connector Standard pin plug or jack used to connect audio and video components, developed by RCA Laboratories. Also known as a phono plug or jack, even when applied to non- phono equipment. Rear Channel Speaker A loudspeaker that is located beside or behind the listener in a surround sound system. Rear Projection Rear projection TV systems project the picture against a mirror inside the TV cabinet and you can watch it as you would an average television. Receiver An audio (and/or video) component that combines a pre- amplifier, amplifier(s) and tuner in one chassis. A home theater receiver will also contain multi-channel surround decoders, such as Dolby Digital and DTS. Reflection The amount of sound wave energy (sound) that is reflected off a surface. Hard non-porous surfaces reflect more sound than soft porous surfaces. Some sound reflection can enhance quality of signal of speech and music. Refresh Rate The digital display technologies (LCD, LED, plasma, DLP, LCoS, etc.) that have replaced picture tubes are progressive scan by nature, displaying 60 video frames per second - often referred to as 60Hz. HDTVs with 120Hz refresh rate double the standard rate to 120 frames per second by inserting either additional video frames or black frames. Because each video frame appears for only half the normal amount of time, on-screen motion looks smoother and more fluid, with less smearing. It's especially noticeable viewing fast-action sports and video games. Resonance The emphasis of sound of a particular frequency.

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