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AT A GLANCE Features Supports High-Definition sharing of video content on low bandwidth networks. Live and post-event capture of video, audio, images, documents and other media file types. Data, graphics, video and digital resources are linked into a secure, virtual, interactive interface. Rich media functionality includes live and recorded video streaming, map and image capture and distribution. Create video products from streaming video with VideoBank's unique instant replay capture-and-save functionality.

Analyzing and Sharing Digital Information

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is a state-of-the-art, browser-based, peer- to-peer collaboration platform that gathers team members together in a highly efficient, virtualized environment. VMR permits the transmission of live video stream(s), the sharing and annotating of any digital asset (i.e., video, image and document) with the ability to record (capture) any or every aspect of this online experience. A VMR session can be accessed through your browser of choice or through the use of VideoBank's (iOS or Android) mobile apps.

Browser-Based View of the VMR User Interface Mobile App Views of the VMR User Interface

VMR instantly brings together your team members without regard to time or location and is applicable to an unlimited range of use cases: Law Enforcement Security and Surveillance Military Applications Education and Training Corporate Communications Media & Entertainment Construction Management And Many More!

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