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About Vivitek

Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. The companys extensive line-up of award-winning digital projection devices incorporates the latest innovations and technologies, including projectors for home cinemas, classrooms, meeting rooms and large venues. Vivitek was the first to launch a full-HD LED home cinema projector, and led the market with the release of its powerful yet portable Qumi HD LED projectors as well as 3D-ready digital projectors featuring Texas Instruments DLP link technology. At Vivitek, our goal is to deliver high-quality products that meet customer demand and provide a high-level of satisfaction and enjoyment.


Vivitek is a brand of Delta Electronics, a renowned global electronics manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan, producing a wide range of technologies based on 10 years of design, manufacturing and engineering experience. Delta's vast engineering know-how stands behind Vivitek in its objective to position itself as a global technology leader in the projector business. In recent years, we at Delta Electronics have transformed from a product provider to solution provider in the fields of power electronics, energy management, and green smart life technologies. Our brand slogan 'Smarter. Greener. Together.' encourages the development and broad application of smart, energy-efficient solutions. At Delta, we believe that technology and collaboration can lead to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Vivitek has global sales and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The company's R&D team is based in Taiwan, and manufacturing takes place in China. Products are sold worldwide through authorized dealers, distributors, resellers, retailers, e-commerce and system integrators.

Core Values

At Vivitek, we believe in responsible manufacturing and business processes. All our products are designed with ecology in mind, feature such technologies as lead-free soldering, intelligent cooling systems and high-efficiency power systems, and are manufactured in 'green' factories. Lead-free soldering of all parts, including circuit component electronics No halogenated flame-retardants in the cabinet Lead-free glass for lenses Recycled paper and minimal paper products for users manuals and packaging Intelligent cooling systems to prevent excess power consumption

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