Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 72 Mounts for Displays, Signage and LED

MOUNTS FOR DISPLAYS, SIGNAGE AND LED 72 160 6,3 229 9,0 100 3,9 6 0,2 (4x) 5 0,2 (4x) 200 7,9 M4 n M4 scr Spac 23,6 0,9 261 10,3 318 12,5 PTS 2010 For tablets up to 10 inch Universal TabLock Universal TabLock movie PTS 2010 - Universal TabLock Professional enclosure for your tablet Tablets are a great way to provide information in public spaces, such as retail shops, museums, showrooms and exhibitions. However, they are easy to damage or steal, and there are so many different versions. Vogel's Professional developed the Universal TabLock enclosure to protect a tablet while still allowing access to the touch screen. Because of the universal design, the Universal TabLock is perfect for iPads, Galaxy Tabs and any other tablet up to 10 inch. Sleek design and high-quality materials A safe tablet enclosure does not have to be clunky and difficult to use. The sleek design of the Vogel's Universal TabLock fits in with the high-end image you want to provide for your customers. It is easy to install and use, and does not compromise the user experience. The Universal TabLock is made of high-quality materials: 3 mm steel and high-end aluminium. The enclosure can be mounted directly to the wall, or to any compatible Vogel's mounts. The top panel closes with a unique push-in lock, securing the tablet and preventing access to the mounting screws. Key features: Prevent theft or misuse of any tablet Universal - for tablets of any brand Easy to install, lock and unlock Excellent end-user experience Solid, high-quality build and slimline design Automatic tablet centering mechanism

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