Big Book OF AV Europe Edition Page 91 Commercial Installation Projectors

COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS WE RECOMMEND 91 Featured Product COMPATIBLE INPUTS/OUTPUTS: SPECIFICATIONS: Resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display Device 1-chip 0.96" DMD Brightness 10,000 ANSI Lumens Contrast Ratio 2500:1 full on, full off Aspect Ratio 16:9, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio Varies By Lens Image Size Varies By Lens Weight 38.5lbs/ 17.5kg Included Accessories User Manual, User Manual CD, Remote, Batteries, Power Cord, RGB Cable, Adapter Cover, Cable Tie x2, Ferrite Core and Band x2. Christie DWU1052-Q 1DLP WXGA Projector When high-brightness, exquisite color reproduction, precise images, powerful performance and a low profile are on your priority list, Christie Q Series delivers. You can display presentations and videos clearly and vividly with the industry's highest quality dual-lamp 1DLP projection solution. Christie Q Series offers a range of affordable projection options and ultra-quiet operation for performance you can trust. Built-In Dual-Color Wheel A set of two color wheels are built into the projector and can be selected at a touch of a button. The built-in color wheels allow for easy switching between high-brightness or ultra-rich color reproduction mode, perfect for your presentation needs. In large venues, the high-brightness color wheel gives you maximum output and superior white levels. The ultra-rich color wheel expands the color gamut for incredible reproduction that rivals cinema color standards. High Dynamic Contrast Range High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR) improves visual contrast to avoid giving content a washed-out effect in environments with a lot of ambient light. HDCR helps by adjusting the dynamic contrast level which will help recapture detail lost by excess ambient light on the screen. Advanced Image Control Motion-adaptive de-interlace delivers improved viewing of video content and fast-moving motion graphics. On-image display of gamma and color balance equalization allows you to manipulate your image configuration in real time. Features: Proven DLP Technology Excellent Image Quality Reliability and Versatility Energy-Saving Features Low Maintenance Costs High-Performance Features The best warranty and support in the industry. Christie DWU1052-Q Ethernet RS-422 RCA Video USB VGA RGBHV DVI 3.5mm HDMI Christie Q Series Optional Lenses 121-118101-01 Ultra Short Throw Zoom 0.8-1.0 121-119102-01 Short Throw Zoom 1.2-1.8/1.1-1.7 121-120104-01 Standard Zoom (WXGA/WUXGA) 1.7-2.6/1.6-2.4 121-121105-01 Standard Zoom (XGA) 1.7-2.5 121-122106-01 Middle Throw Zoom 2.5-3.8/2.4-3.6 121-123107-01 Long Throw Zoom 3.6-5.8/3.7-5.9/3.5-5.6 121-124108-01 Ultra Long Throw Zoom 5.7-9.1/5.8-9.2/5.5-8.8 CHRISTIE Q SERIES COMPARISON WUXGA FULL HD Resolution: WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Brightness: 10,000 Lumens Contrast: 2,500:1 full on, full off Image: Varies by Lens Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 Brightness: 9500 Lumens Contrast: 2,500:1 full on, full off Image: Varies by Lens Christie DWU1052-Q Christie DHD1052-Q WUXGA Resolution: WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Brightness: 8900 Lumens Contrast: 2,500:1 full on, full off Image: Varies by Lens Christie DWU951-Q 10,000 Lumens Only Available in the UK

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