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HOSPITALITY 100 Creator of the world's first waterproof television, AQUAVISION was founded in 1997 and is a genuine British success story, now exporting worldwide and recently opening a division in the U.S. Fuelled by the increasing popularity of home automation and the desire for ever more inter-room connectivity, AQUAVISION saw turnover grow by a sizeable 30% in 2014. Being totally waterproof to IP65 standard and offering waterproof speakers, remote controls and heated (i.e. anti-mist) screens, AQUAVISION systems allow for the integration of Audio Video technologies into wet areas such as bathing and cooking environments as well as spa zones and leisure areas. While previously the domain of the wealthy few, home automation is increasingly becoming the norm, spurred by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. As such, a brand new 16 one-box-solution has been launched for 2015. Smart in technology but also smart in its pricing - to appeal to this newly emerging AQUAVISION audience - the Genesis one-box-solution features Digital Freeview, USB input, HDMI connections and is fully compatible with wireless home audio systems. The Ultimate in Luxury AQUAVISION models come in an unrivalled choice of styles (Frameless, Classic, Bespoke, and Silhouette) and finishes (White glass, Black glass, MirrorVision glass, and the new MirrorVision+ glass). AQUAVISION is the preferred choice of the professional thanks to superlative quality, wide ranges and innovative yet future-proof technologies. AQUAVISION screen sizes range from 16 to 65, all offering a standard two-year warranty. AQUAVISION offers Full High Definition screens with wide viewing angles thereby ensuring a crystal clear image that can be seen from anywhere in the room. AQUAVISION Uses only genuine television panels (rather than laptop panels) to give the highest quality picture available. AQUAVISION guarantees to support all sizes for many years so you will be able to simply upgrade the LCD screen without having to remodel your entire room. AQUAVISION screens are frequently used in all rooms of the house, and in commercial applications. Not just bathrooms and other wet areas. AQUAVISION's MirrorVision+ glass is widely described as the best mirror television glass on the market.

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