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AUDIO SOURCES AND MICROPHONES 1003 Elation Controllers Having the right lighting controller is the key to having a great lighting design. Elation Professional hardware and software controllers provide you the real world tools you need to get the job done right! Their wide assortment of quality control solutions fit a variety of applications. Elation Pro Show Designer 1 (16) Fixture Buttons (8) Faders and (4) Bank Buttons (1) Rotary Wheel for Data Entry Joy Stick for Pan and Tilt Control (32) Character Backlit LCD Display Holds1024 Scenes, 512 Presets, 256 Chases, 256 Shows Tabletop Style with Removable Outer Case for 3U Rack Mounting Elation Pro Hedge Hog 4 II (2) DMX Universe Hardware Controller (4) DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (ENode4) Hog Net Upgradable 12" Multi-Touch LED Display 10 Playback Faders / 12 User Keys (Non-LCD) Dual Purpose Grand Master Fader Grand Master Controller Keys (DBO and Flash) (2) USB 2.0 Ports + (2) USB 3.0 Ports 5-pin Female DMX Outputs Dimensions/Weight: 20.74" x 21.83" x 3.97" / 17lbs. Elation Professional Compu Cue Basic DMX Channels: 512 in and 512 Out MIDI Live Control: Yes Touch Screen Ready 3D Visualizer Elation Professional Compu Cue Stand Alone Memory: 64k Ports Triggering: Yes Clock/Calendar Triggering: Yes Easy Stand Alone: Yes DMX Channels: 2 x 512 Ethernet Channels (Art Net): 2 x 512 MIDI Live Control: Yes Ports Triggering: Yes Elation Professional Emulation Multi-Platform DMX512A + Art-Net Industry-Standard Cuelists MIDI Control Surfaces 100% Touch Screen Compatible 2100+ Personality Files

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