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AUDIO SOURCES AND MICROPHONES 1004 Your Sound. It's where we meet. Shure has been enthusiastically dedicated to helping you tell the truth in notes, words and sound since 1925. We make microphones and audio electronics to help amplify, process, and mix your sound. Perfectly. Transparently. Reliably. This success is due to our recognition that audio electronics are the means to self-expression for a diverse group of individuals worldwide. Without the desire of so many to have their unique voices heard, there would be no Shure Incorporated. Now past our 80th year, we re-dedicate ourselves to the notion of being the audio tool of choice for personal expression, reminding ourselves that "Shure" is synonymous with "your sound." Our history is one of innovation and excellence. For instance, our SM57 and SM58 mics are still the world's top sellers, over 40 years after they were introduced. Our products are, quite simply, the tried and true products of genius. Of course, there's a lot more to the story. Shure Incorporated's corporate headquarters and all North American manufacturing plants are certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The ISO 9001 quality standard provides a framework by which quality assurance in design, development, production, installation, and servicing is established, documented and maintained. Since the International Organization for Standardization's inception in 1947 and the introduction of the ISO 9000 standard in early 1987, its importance to international suppliers and global customers has grown significantly. Suppliers, such as Shure, implement the ISO standard to provide a framework for processes that result in quality output, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. ISO 9000 certification is maintained through regular internal quality audits, and by external audits conducted through our registrar, Det Norske Veritas (DNV). What Do We Make? Why Shure Microphones? Microphones Wireless Systems Lots of great gear for stage, studio, and personal use: microphones, wireless microphones and wireless guitar systems. Digital signal processors and feedback eliminators. Personal monitor systems. Hi-Fi phono cartridges and DJ needles. Portable mixers and digital signal processors. Sound isolating earphones and portable audio electronics. Whether you're a musician, audio engineer, speaker, or simply an audio enthusiast, you've come to the right place. It's nice to meet you. Because you and Shure have something in common. With a long and storied history, Shure microphones have withstood the test of time. Our mics are the cornerstone for stage and studio sound, from our world-renowned SM58 and SM57, to our superb KSM studio microphones. Wherever sound is amplified or recorded, Shure is there. Rock and roll. The President's podium. Hip-hop and gospel. Network TV. Country and western. Police radio. Jazz and blues. The preacher's podium. Show tunes. Garage bands. You name it - we've miked it. It's been over a decade since Shure cut the cable. Now, there's barely any stage, anywhere, that hasn't hosted a Shure wireless system. Whether it's a high school gym, a church, a local bar, a concert hall, or a stadium, you can count on the fact that Shure has been there. Presenters and performers love the freedom and flexibility that wireless can provide. Singing or speaking, vocal or instrumental, we bring the sound and reliability of our microphones to the world of wireless. How reliable? When failure is not an option, our UHF systems are there, whether it be the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, top touring artists, or network broadcasters. And it doesn't stop there. Our wireless systems come in many varieties, accessible to new performers and seasoned veterans alike. n for a heard, there would be he audio tool of choice for personal

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