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HOSPITALITY 101 Genesis - The evolution of our original design of in-wall waterproof televisions, the Genesis line is the first choice for stand alone television projects. Three HDMI inputs, Component and Composite inputs, and a built in amplifier provide a wide range of possibilities. Available in 16, 22, 27, 32 and 40. Essentials is an All In One Box solution which includes the following: Genesis TV Component Frameless Mounting Kit Including PSU Frameless MirrorVision Glass Master and Waterproof Remote Controls Pair of Waterproof Speakers (AVF-4-Speakers) AVF-5RSP - The Remote Switch Panel offers a waterproof wall mounted solution for controlling the main television functions which can be conveniently located adjacent to the bath, shower or basin. No need to replace any batteries and there is also no chance of losing the remote. Ideal for hotels and guest houses. AVF-IRHDMI - The Infrared Link Kit unit allows remote control of an external device such as a Blu-Ray player, set top box etc. through the AQUAVISION screens infrared input, with the signal being carried via the HDMI cable signal cable. AVF-IRBLAST - The Infrared Blaster Kit simply plugs into the front of your AQUAVISION and it will relay the infrared signals to a DVD player, set top box or other control device situated up to 1.5m-s away. AVF-5RSP - The Relay Interface Module provides two potential free (DPDT) contacts that are activated when the television is powered up. Ideal for switching external audio feeds, etc. or activating LED lights around the television or even a mirror. AVF-IRCON - The IR Transmitter and Receiver Kit is used with ConnecTV Active products to relay the IR commands through the AQUAVISION TV. Model# Description AVF16L-CGMVSP 16 Essentials All in One Box Solution AVF22L-CGMVSP 22 Essentials All in One Box Solution AVF27L-CGMVSP 27 Essentials All in One Box Solution AVF32L-CGMVSP 32 Essentials All in One Box Solution AVF40L-CGMVSP 40 Essentials All in One Box Solution Frameless - Frameless mounts provide a simple uncomplicated glass design. Frameless utilizes a slim (under 2) galvanized back box that its flush to the wall with its polished-edge glass itting tight to the wall surface and protrudes a 1/4 off the wall. The mounting kit includes the power supply. Waterproof to IP66. MirrorVision - A near perfect slightly tinted mirror with no immediate visible signs of a screen when the television is off, but allows image to be clearly seen when on. Essentials Accessories

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