Big Book OF AV Page 1016 Audio Sources and Microphones

AUDIO SOURCES AND MICROPHONES 1016 Audio quality matters, and Yamaha Commercial Audio products have provided the highest level of quality in the most discerning listening environments for over 50 years. From the world's top symphony venues to the most demanding concert tours, Yamaha delivers great sound and unmatched reliability. Our commercial CD players and playback enabled multi-zone processors provide reli- able music and announcement playback for a multitude of professional needs. Whether it is the simplicity of a single compact disc player, or the flexibility of our SD player enabled multi-zone processors, which can provide scheduled or on demand playback of BGM or announcements to 8, 16, or 64 zones, we've got you covered. Audio Sources and Microphones - CD-S300 RK and CD-C600 RK, MTX3 CD-S300-RK CD-C600-RK MTX3

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