Big Book OF AV Page 102 Hospitality Displays and Kiosks

HOSPITALITY DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 102 The iFace Digital Mirror technology integrates screens and special tailor made glass mirrors. When the screen is turned on, you have a unique tool to communicate with your customers. When the image magically fades, you have a decorative mirror complimenting your interior design. iFace is custom built for commercial use, offering an ideal solution to capture a customer's attention and send desired messages and/or brand re enforcing images. The iFace visual creative team is available to you to create multimedia content specially designed for your iFace. Graphic design, photography, video recording, 3D animation, and interactive applications are just a few of their abilities. We can meet any visually creative need to integrate your desires into our technology. Sizes Available There is a wide range of mirror surface sizes available, with integrated screens behind the mirrored glass ranging from 22 inches up to 65 inches. Placing the screens behind the mirrored surface horizontally, vertically, or combining multiple screens behind the same iFace surface is possible. iFace truly caters to the most discerning requirements as well. REVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL SIGNAGE! An immersive digital media delivery system that blends seamlessly into any environment. We have three categories to choose from. OUT OF THE BOX Ideal for contractors, designers, small businesses, and consumers. Uvcpfctf uk g eqpiwtcvkqpu vjcv are truly plug and play. Choose one of our standard out-of-the- box units, install, load media, and enjoy! CUSTOM SOLUTION Architects, designers, and larger tgvckn dwukpguugu dgpgv htqo the customization of the iFace product. Send us your size, shape, and usage specs, and a custom unit can be manufactured for you. VISIONARY SOLUTION The ultimate in customization and immersion. An iFace concierge will be sent to your install location to take photos and measurements, and design an innovative solution based on your needs.

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