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Interactive Projector Board

For the best surface for your interactive projector, and most durable whiteboard, choose the Interactive Projector Board as your ultimate multifunction board. Widescreen dimensions support the most popular sizes of projected images at diagonal dimensions of 84.9' (4'H x 6'W), 106' (4'H x 8'W), 111.6' (5'H x 8'W) and 132.6' (5'H x 10'W), plus many custom sizes available. The special construction of the board provides the flatness required for the best performance of your interactive projector, with a flatness guarantee <2mm across the board surface. This guarantee allows the board to be used on mobile carts or wall mounted, still achieving the projector manufacturer's flatness requirements. The gray or white porcelain surfaces can be cleaned of even stubborn permanent markers. At the same time, the surfaces are engineered to minimize visual strain from anywhere in the room, making them ideal for spaces that are exposed to ambient light. Magnetic surface provides even more versatility, and the low profile aluminum Brio trim is a modern addition for your interactive spaces. Fifty year limited warranty. MODEL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT DIMENSIONS WEIGHT 2G5KG-26 Low Gloss White 4'H X 6'W 84.9" 85lbs 2G5KH-26 Low Gloss White 4'H X 8'W 106" 115lbs 2G5KJ-26 Low Gloss White 5'H X 8'W 111.6" 137lbs

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