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HOSPITALITY DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 103 Managment Content Platform iFace, as a standard option is built with our integrated media player IFX, but it can also integrate with different platforms to manage content, management achieving the needs of every project. Qwt vgco qh gzrgtvu yknn dg tgurqpukdng hqt uvwf{kpi gcej rtqlgev cpf fgpg vjg dguv ocpcigogpv system to be use depending on many factors (number of screens, level of management / self management, integration with other tools ...). Bars and Restaurants In the world of hospitality, catering, and in bars, pubs, lounges and nightclubs, iFace is a spectacular product. The perfect blend of style and technology allows us to integrate iFace into any dcor. When content appears, it generates a lasting impression on the viewer, whether the visual messages convey self promotion, brand images, or an advertisement from a supplier. Hotels and Resorts Hotels are an ideal spot for an iFace installation. This is how this project was born as the iFace can work perfectly in any section of a hotel. Reception, rooms, common areas, even bathrooms and elevators. iFace images appear and surprise, bringing new life in unexpected places. Commercial Sector iFace brings life to the mirrors of fashion stores, retail, commercial and trade centers, and public spaces. Mirrors are always an attraction point. iFace helps you capture a customer's attention at crucial moments and can inform, re enforce brand, entertain, reduce wait time frustration and/or contribute to the lead up to impulse purchases. Exhibition Halls and Special Events Dgecwug qh qwt cdknkv{ cpf gzkdknkv{ kp etgcvkpi custom sizes, the iFace Digital Mirror can easily be integrated into any project, special event, trade show, or custom stand. We'll help you grab the attention of your audience by creating the most effective visual content to tell your story. Optional Complements Speaker System (Hidden Technology). Interactive Technlogy (Kinect) Sensors (Presence, Ligth, Sound Detection) Audience Analytics WI FI/3G Connection RFID MARKETS YOU'LL FIND IFACE

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