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HOSPITALITY DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 104 IFACE STANDARD Standard iFace Solutions CloudCasting has created an extensive catalog of standard size iFace units. The wide range encompasses options fro small units to very large digital mirrors for retail, hospitality and POS. CloudCasting's iFace Digital Mirrors Surprise, delight, entertain, and inform. Replace your mirrors with iFace and start making a lasing impression. SPECIFICATIONS VIDEO: The iFace is updated via Ethernet to an internal MPX 1 content management system. POWER SUPPLY: Internal AC to DC PSU. INPUT VOLTAGE: 100 120V AC Nominal AVAILABLE "BEHIND THE GLASS" ACTIVE AREA SCREEN SIZE: 24", 32" 42", 55", and 65". Standard horizontal or vertical rectangle. MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS (of a Signal iFace Glass Pane): WIDTH: 1625mm HEIGHT: 1625mm DEPTH: 158.75mm standard. Some screen sizes require increased frame depth. FRAME: Tslotted aluminum extrusions with hook mount. REVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL SIGNAGE! Standard iFace 22" - Small SCREEN: 22" (481 x 271mm) MIRROR: 32.6" x 17.7" x 2" (600 x 450 x 50mm) Standard iFace 22" SCREEN: 22" (481 x 271mm) MIRROR: 35.4" x 17.7" x 2" (900 x 450 x 50mm) Standard iFace 24" SCREEN: 24" (556 x 323mm) MIRROR: 27.6" x 18.5" x 1.8" (700 x 470 x 45mm) Standard iFace 32" SCREEN: 32" (728 x 429mm) MIRROR: 32.6" x 35.4" x 1.8" (600 x 900 x 50mm)

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