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SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1041 6x2 4K Ultra HD Matrix Switcher DVDO Matrix 6 is the first matrix switcher that brings 4K Ultra HD source switching to residential and commercial AV systems. Developed for easy integration into home theater control systems, Matrix6 supports two independent 4K streams allowing you to add a second display or projector while sharing an existing source stack thereby minimizing cost. Additionally, it provides MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) connectivity to display mobile content on a big screen. DVDO-MATRIX6 4K Ultra HD 4x4 Matrix Switcher DVDO Matrix 44 is a 4K HDMI Matrix switcher supporting up to four inputs that transmits up to 4K (50/60Hz) Ultra HD or Full HD 1080p sources to four outputs. Designed for both home and commercial use, it provides intuitive control and fast switching for installers and home theater enthusiasts. DVDO-MATRIX44 Dual-Stream 4K Ultra HD Switching Matrix 6 supports two independent 4K Ultra HD streams while providing digital audio to an attached AVR, making it easy to view content in another room or on a second display without sacrificing performance or additional investment. MHL Connectivity MHL inputs on Matrix6 allow users to mirror the content of their MHL- enabled smartphones or tablets on multiple displays, while charging the mobile devices at the same time. Multiple Modes Matrix 6 provides an optional Performance mode which keeps the one display from flashing when the other display changes inputs (a common issue with other switcher), but also provides a Compatibility mode for installations with different TV capabilities. KEY FEATURES Six 4K Ultra HD HDMI Inputs Two MHL-enabled Inputs to connect to mobile devices. Two 4K Ultra HD HDMI Outputs for connecting to two displays. Multiple modes (switching inputs on 1 output does not affect other) S/PDIF optical and coax outputs. Audio Return Channel (ARC) 3D Support Serial Port for automation control. USB for easy firmware update. 4K 50/60 Video and Audio Matrix 44 provides four HDMI 2.0 compliant inputs and outputs to transmit 4K at 50/60Hz or 1080p60 sources to 4K Ultra HD displays while supporting 3D, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio TM . Advanced EDID Management Matrix 44 ensures universal display compatibility through dynamic EDID control. Multiple EDID options from sink duplication to preset EDIDs enable simple home theater or commercial AV installations. Broad Control Options Matrix 44 offers easy control from the built-in Web server for setup and monitoring, direct TCP/IP, RS232, and IR for easy integration into a higher level control system. For standalone applications, a wireless Android application is also available. Front panel controls are straightforward and allow individual output control, direct jump to preset connections, and the ability to lock the front panel controls. KEY FEATURES 4K 50/60Hz (4:2:0) Supports Four HDMI 2.0 Inputs and Outputs Supports 3DTV RS232 Serial Interface for Control Systems Web GUI Setup Supports up to Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA Direct IR Control Advanced EDID Management Field-Upgradeable Firmware Lockable Controls 4K ULTRA HD MATRIX SWITCHERS

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