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SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1049 Detects, configures, and controls all Gefen Video and KVM over IP products. Built-in web server allows access from any web-enabled device, including phones, tablets, and PCs. Two Ethernet ports with independent IP and MAC addresses allow segregation of video/KVM LAN and control networks. Seamless integration with Gefen Syner-G software allows for quick installation and configuration on a network. Automatic assignment of IP addresses for all Gefen Video and KVM over IP devices on a network. EXT-CU-LAN The Matrix Controller is a hardware platform designed to manage and control the Gefen family of video and KVM over IP products in a virtual matrix environment. Matrix Controller Matrix Switching Extension Over IP KVM AND VIDEO OVER IP Using a standard managed Ethernet switch, create a scalable and expandable custom KVM and video matrix. Connect up to 65,000 receivers and up to 256 senders. This technology runs on standard network infrastructure, enabling virtually limitless distribution and matrix switching combinations. Share and access an incredible amount of displays, workstations, and USB 2.0 devices all over an existing local area network. Easily connect an HD source into a sender. Then connect this sender to your local area network switch. Video and KVM can all be shared anywhere over a LAN with just a receiver unit and display. Gain further routing capabilities with a matrix controller or download the keyboard controller software. e. DVI KVM over IP w/ Local DVI Output Receiver (EXT-DVIKVM-LAN-LRX) DVI KVM over IP w/ Local DVI Output Sender (EXT-DVIKVM-LAN-LTX) HDMI over IP with RS-232 and Bi-Directional IR Receiver (EXT-HD2IRS-LAN-RX) HDMI over IP with RS-232 and Bi-Directional IR Sender (EXT-HD2IRS-LAN-TX) HD KVM over IP - Receiver (EXT-HDKVM-LANRX) HD KVM over IP - Sender (EXT-HDKVM-LANTX) VGA KVM over IP - Receiver (EXT-VGAKVM-LANRX) VGA KVM over IP - Sender (EXT-VGAKVM-LANTX) DVI KVM over IP - Receiver (EXT-DVIKVM-LANRX) DVI KVM over IP - Sender (EXT-DVIKVM-LANTX) Extend and distribute DVI, HDMI, or VGA and USB, RS-232, IR, and two-way audio over a local area network using any combination of HDMI, DVI, and VGA senders and receivers. Resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) are supported. Multiple receiver units can simultaneously connect to any Sender unit within the network. Create a virtual crosspoint matrix of just over 65,000 sender and receiver units total. KVM AND VIDEO OVER IP Ext IR,

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