Big Book OF AV Page 1062 Signal Distribution and Mixers

SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1062 w w w . h a l l r e s e a r c h . c o m HDMI VIDEO DISTRIBUTION - OVER HDBaseT HDMI VIDEO DISTRIBUTION- OVER LAN / IP HDMI MULTI-PORT SENDER over HDBaseT HDMI on HDBASET 1X3 SPLITTER HDMI + USB + LAN over UTP Extender with HDBaseT 2.0 and PoH Converts 8 separate HDMI inputs to corresponding HDBaseT outputs Can issue RS-232 or IR commands to any output (requires compatible receiver) RS-232 and IP control ports Supports HDCP, 3D, Deep Color, CEC, and 4K (UHD) resolutions Extend HDMI video to 3 remote displays using HDBaseT Use a single UTP cable to extend video to 100m (330') Can send 1080p to 150m / 500' to Long Reach capable receivers Local HDMI output for direct connection to a local display EDID management with USB port for EDID manipulation using a PC Extends uncompressed HDMI to 100m / 330' Extends Ethernet, bidirectional IR and RS-232 control signals Extends USB 2.0 and has integrated 2-port Hub in the Receiver Perfect for KVM extension Supports virtually all PC and HDTV resolutions including 4K (UHD) Receiver powered from sender via PoH UHBX-8X / 4X UHBX-3S UH2X-P1 HHD264-S (Sender) HHD264-R (Receiver) DYNAMIC VIRTUAL MATRIX SWITCH Send up to 64 different HDMI sources on your LAN Add unlimited number of Receivers on the network Dynamically assign the source displayed at each Receiver Visually lossless H.264 compression for a crisp 1080p 60Hz video User definable Compression Ratio to use minimum bandwidth Extends Bidirectional RS-232 for control PoE versions available (no power supply needed) HHD264-S (Sender) HHD264-R (Receive

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