Big Book OF AV Page 1066 Signal Distribution and Mixers

SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1066 AV PROCESSORS and SCALERS w w w . h a l l r e s e a r c h . c o m 12 input, 3 output switcher 4x HDMI, 4xVGA, 2x CV, 1x S-Video, 1x YPbPr inputs Outputs VGA, HDMI, and HDBaseT 20w Power Amp for driving 4 to 8 speakers 8 inputs, 3 outputs Inputs: 3x HDMI, 3xVGA, 1x Composite Video, 1x YPbPr Outputs: 1x VGA, 2x HDMI, analog and digital audio Fast Switching RS-232, IR, and IP Control (with Telnet or embedded Web GUI) SC-12BT MULTI-FORMAT SCALER SWITCH with HDBaseT OUTPUT MULTI-FORMAT PRESENTATION SWITCHER / SCALER SC-1080R

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