Big Book OF AV Page 1069 Signal Distribution and Mixers

SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1069 w w w . h a l l r e s e a r c h . c o m ADD REMOTE CONTROL USING AUXILIARY KEYPAD SW3-UI SW3-UI-VOL The SW3-UI and the SW3-UI-VOL are auxiliary control keypads that can be plugged to the UHBX-SW3 sender using a single Cat5 cable. These single-gang keypads allow the user to see which input is currently selected and status of the display power command sent (ON or OFF). When in manual mode the user can use the push buttons on the auxiliary keypad to select inputs or to turn the display on and off. The buttons can also be used to make power and input control automatic (auto LEDs will indicate the mode). For those users that have a display which has a controllable variable line output (with volume and mute control), or a compatible audio amp with RS232 volume control (for example EMX-AMP shown below), the SW3-VOL provides three additional buttons (volume up/ down, and mute).

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