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HOSPITALITY DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 107 IFACE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Digital Mirror iFace is a product developed, patent protected and trade marked by CloudCasting. The technology kpvgitcvgu jkij ecnkdgt uetggp vgejpqnqi{ gpikpggtgf vq yqtm vjtqwij kHcegu tggevkxg okttqt uwthceg0 iFace is designed for commercial, hospitality, various points of sale (POS) or even private environments, offering a perfect display to capture the attention of customers, shoppers, viewers, passers by via displaying messages, promotion or other relevant content types. As manufacturers, we provide a uqnwvkqp vq v gcej tgswktgogpv. yjgvjgt uvcpfctf uk g qt ewuvqo ocfg0 iFace is available with screens from 22" to 65". iFace Digital Mirrors can be installed horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait) or combining several screens built into a single mirror structure. iFace truly caters to the most discerning requirements as well. iFace is easy to integrate in most locations and spaces of all kinds. The Decisive Factors to Consider: Choose the size of the mirror surface standard or custom. Choose the size of the screen or screens. Ejqqug vjg qrvkocn v{rg qh kpuvcnncvkqp *wuj v. ngcpkpi. uwurgpfgf. dtcemgvgf000+0 Choose right lighting condition avoiding direct sunlight. Choose the connectivity option (LAN, WIFI, 3/4G, USB, HDMI). Choose the content and ready to go! iFace Oval eg0 nts, iFace Size Screen Dimensions MIrror Size included iFace 32" 728 x 429mm 900 x 600mm iFace 42" 958 551mm 1100 x 710mm iFace 46" 1044 x 599mm 1100 x 740mm Standard 55" 1235 x 706mm 1380 x 850mm Standard 65" 1429 x 804mm 1508 x 878mm Additional MIrror Surface (m2) iFace Table

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