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SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION AND MIXERS 1070 IP ENABLED DIGITAL AV ROOM CONTROL w w w . h a l l r e s e a r c h . c o m Embedded Software Accessible from any PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet Up to Five Modular Audio/Video Inputs (1 HDMI, Two Composite, 2 VGA/YPbPr) Control a Display and Devices Via RS-232, IR, IP, and Two Discrete Outputs Task Scheduling and Automation Panel Lock with Inactivity Timer Page Sense Muting Individual Audio Level Control with Amplification Theft Detection Circuit with Automatic Notification 3D HDMI Ready VSA-51 SPK-820T iPhone and iPad GUI The VSA-51 is a family of devices offering the most advanced, customizable, easy to use, and affordable room control solution ever. It offers greater switching capacity of analog and digital video/audio sources. Designed around the VSA- 51-R receiver, all source inputs and user controls are modular and connect to it via simple Cat5 cables. Furthermore, all wall-plates are powered from the receiver for maximum flexibility and simplicity of installation. Designed for operation with Hall Research "VSA Series" room control systems or use with an audio amplifier. These speakers are perfect for unobtrusive appearance and easy installation in suspended ceiling applications. They are shipped ready to install and require no speaker cut-outs in the tile. The fully enclosed and protected driver is mounted to a fine perforated 2' x 2' square grille finished in white powder epoxy for long lasting appearance. Speakers include seismic strap and meet plenum requirements. CEILING TILE SPEAKER

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