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Compact Refrigerator

Vjg!Jqvgn!Rtghgttgf!eqorcev!tghtkigtcvqtu.!cv!309!ew0!hv0!cpf!406!ew! hv0.!ctg!gswkrrgf!ykvj!Pq!Xkdtcvkqpu!vgejpqnqi{!iwctcpvggf!vq! enhance the stay of every guest. Along with full range temperature control, our compact refrigerators qhhgt!wpkswg!uvcvg/qh/vjg/ctv!vjgtoqogvtke!vgejpqnqi{!vq!gpuwtg! environmentally friendly usage and customer satisfaction. Qwt!406!ew0!hv0!tghtkigtcvqt!qhhgtu!c!nctigt!wpkv!hqt!{qwt!tqqou!cpf!hqt! iwguvu!tgswktkpi!oqtg!urceg0 If you can provide small comforts to your guests from the minute they walk in, they'll know they're in good hands. It's a rare occasion that a hotel guest will be visiting without snacks, drinks, or something that they need to keep cool. Vjg{nn!pggf!c!tghtkigtcvqt!vjcv!ku!pqv!qpn{!nctig!gpqwij!vq!jqnf! vjgkt!kvgou.!dwv!swkgv!gpqwij!uq!kv!fqgupv!fkuvwtd!vjgkt!uvc{0!Vjg! Jqvgn!Rtghgttgf!eqorcev!tghtkigtcvqtu.!cv!309!ew0!hv0!cpf!406!ew!hv0.!ctg! gswkrrgf!ykvj!Pq!Xkdtcvkqpu!vgejpqnqi{!iwctcpvgg!vq!gpjcpeg!vjg! stay of every guest. Our Hotel Preferred compact refrigerators have full range temperature control, tall bottle rack, slide-out shelf, a reversible door, soft interior light, and made out of solid state components of superior reliability.

The Preferred Compact Refrigerator where Convenience and Reliability is of the Essence Product Features

Full Range Temperature Control Tall Bottle Rack - Holds 2 Liter Bottle Slide-Out Shelf Reversible Door - Left or Right Swing Soft Interior Light with ON/OFF Switch 110V / 60HZ !Jkij!Ghekgpe{ Solid State Components of Superior Reliability Unique State-of-the-Art Thermoelectric Technology Environmentally Friendly

Key Specifications

Capacity: Width: Depth: Height: Unit Weight: Shipping Weight: Color: HPRF24BLK 2.4 Cubic Feet (67.96 Cubic Liters) 18.50" (46.99cm) 18.75" (47.62cm) 24.75" (62.86cm) 34.17lbs (15.49kg) 38.6lbs (17.5kg) Black HPRF24SS 1.7 Cubic Feet (48.14 Cubic Liters) 17" (43.18cm) 19.25" (48.895cm) 20" (50.8cm) 27.5lbs (15.49kg) 29.1lbs (17.5kg) Stainless Steel HPRF17BLK 1.7 Cubic Feet (48.14 Cubic Liters) 17" (43.18cm) 19.25" (48.895cm) 20" (50.8cm) 27.5lbs (12.47kg) 29.1lbs (13.19kg) Black HPRF17SS 1.7 Cubic Feet (48.14 Cubic Liters) 17" (43.18cm) 19.25" (48.895cm) 20" (50.8cm) 27.5lbs (12.47kg) 29.1lbs (13.19kg) Stainless Steel

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