Big Book OF AV Page 12 Commercial Displays and Televisions

COMMERCIAL DISPLAYS AND TELEVISIONS 12 PC Module Compatible You can transform your DTen wireless interactive display into a powerful Windows PC with the addition of a PC module. Video conferencing of your choice and every PC feature you may like. Mirror PC/MAC With One Click No Wi-Fi Setup. No Software Installation Maximize your meeting time by covering the essentials instead of wasting time with setup and installation. DTen Share lets you share anything quickly and easily without the frustration of getting your equipment to work. Dedicated Wi-Fi Network - Fast and Secure DTen's built-in Wi-Fi provides a dedicated network for DTen Share. It has private bandwidth, and is a fast and secure connection. Only those with a DTen dongle can access this network. No Need to Join Network. No Wi-Fi Setup DTen Share connects the interactive multi-touch screen display to a provided dongle. There's no setup or installation required. Simply plug the dongle in your PC or Mac and it automatically connects for you. DTEN IS YOUR CABLE-FREE MEETING SOLUTION

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