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Key Specifications

Bluetooh Version: Bluetooth Range: Dimensions (L x W x D): Radio Frequency Range: Power Source: Adapter Power: Color: HPCLKR01 4.2 up to 32' 5.43" x 5.43" x 2.72" 87.5MHz - 108MHz AC-DC Adapter 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz Black HPCLKR02 4.2 up to 32' 5.43" x 5.43" x 2.76" 87.5MHz - 108MHz AC-DC Adapter 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz Black

Alarm Clock and Charging Station

Vqfc{u!oqfgtp!iwguv!vtcxgnu!ykvj!ownvkrng!fgxkegu.!uq!kvu!etwekcn!vq!qhhgt!c!dgfukfg! solution to give them the ability to charge them. Built-in user friendly features, like Bluetooth, will also give guests the ability to stream their favorite music creating a home-away-from-home environment. While guests enjoy the suite of features, vjg!pqp/rqtqwu!uwthceg!yknn!ocmg!kv!c!dtgg g!hqt!jqwugmggrkpi!vq!engcp0!Wukpi!vjg! jkijguv!swcnkv{!uvcpfctfu.!Jqvgn!Rtghgttgf!yknn!jgnr!{qw!cejkgxg!dtcpf!eqpukuvgpe{! and create a guest experience that will keep your guests coming back.

The Hotel Bedside Solution You and Your Guests Can Rely On Product Features

Convenience Vjg!Jqurkvcnkv{!Oqfg!kpeqtrqtcvgf!kpvq!gxgt{!enqem!tcfkq!yknn!gpuwtg! vjcv!enqemu!ctg!cwvqocvkecnn{!wrfcvgf!hqt!Fc{nkijv!Ucxkpiu!Vkog0!Rtkpvgf! qp!vjg!enqem!kvugnh.!!cncto!fktgevkqpu!ocmg!kv!c!dtgg g!hqt!iwguvu!vq!ugv! up their wake time. Future guests will not be disturbed with the built-in single day alarm feature. Connectivity Ykvj!eqpxgpkgpvn{!nqecvgf!ejctikpi!qwvngvu!cpf!WUD!ejctikpi!rqtvu.!iwguvu!yknn!jcxg!vjg!cdknkv{!vq!ejctig!wr!vq!6! fgxkegu!ykvj!oqfgn!JRENMT230!Pq!nqpigt!yknn!vjg{!jcxg!vq!oqxg!ncoru!qt!pkijvuvcpfu!kp!qtfgt!vq!ejctig!vjgkt! phones, laptops, tablets and any other devices. Your guests can stay connected at all times. Clarity Vjg!nctig!504!NEF!uetggp!ocmgu!kv!gcu{!hqt!iwguvu!vq!ugg!vjg!vkog0!Vjg!fkoocdng!hgcvwtg!ikxgu!iwguvu!vjg!cdknkv{! to choose the brightness level to what they desire.


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