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MEDICAL DISPLAYS 122 LG commercial display products offer comprehensive technology solutions tailored to your business needs. Our broad range of digital signage products offer you a best-in-class solution whatever your application. LG Commercial Grade TVs - LG excels in bringing innovative technology advancements to market with our award winning 1080P LED displays and 4K Ultra HD monitors. As an industry-leading manufacturer, LG has a team of design and engineering experts creating best-in-class display products for a wide variety of vertical solutions. LG's commercial sales and support team is committed to making sure that the distribution and service of our products satisfies your ever changing business needs. LED Backlit Televisions - Discover a new level of refinement with LG large screen LCD and LED backlit televisions. Watch movies, sports, and shows in the brilliance and clarity of High Definition. LG's commercial LCD HDTVs incorporate USB cloning capability, a built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM clear tuner, public display settings, and HDMI inputs. Market specific televisions also integrate technologies such as Pro:Idiom DRM and the Pro:Centric interactive platform. Add sophistication and style to any environment with LG LCD HD televisions. Digital Signage Monitors - LG's large screen LCD and LED 1080P HD and 4K Ultra HD monitors are at the forefront of our digital signage solutions for your industry. Video pops with digital brilliance as images remain clear at virtually at virtually any position through IPS technology while in either portrait or landscape modes. Whether installing touch screen displays, information kiosks, or digital way finding in a digital signage network, performance is delivered in sleek and attractive bezels. Provide viewing experience that will exceed expectations and stir the imagination. Healthcare - LG is an established leader in the healthcare industry, with more than three decades of experience and technological expertise. Our dedicated healthcare division serves the needs of hospital and long term care facilities by delivering premium display solutions with the latest features and technologies. Whether for in-room entertainment or for digital signage, each solution is developed according to your facility's requirements with the objective to make technology easier for healthcare professionals and patients alike. In-room patient TVs designed for entertainment, gaming and websites. Digital signage displays in locations such as lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias with digital way-finding, information, menu boards, and dynamic advertising. LG has a team of healthcare industry experts who will be able to provide a display solution tailored to the characteristic needs of your facility. Whether controlling multiple screens across several buildings, or supplying premium in-room healthcare displays, LG has the digital solutions to improve patient satisfaction.

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