Big Book OF AV Page 13 Commercial Displays and Televisions

COMMERCIAL DISPLAYS AND TELEVISIONS 13 Easy Access and Full Connectors MOBILE VERSION COMING SOON! DTEN NOTE No Wi-Fi Setup. No Software Installation We designed the most intuitive interactive solution for our users: use pen to write, user sljwx yt rt{j tw xjqjhy1 fsi rflnhfqq~ zxj real eraser to erase. Focus on your ideas, not on how to use the machine. Canvas with no border limit Simply write on the available screen. Design twpt x1 gwfnsxytwr1 hwjfyj3 Ymjs rt{j yt a fresh, new section on the screen with two sljwx3 Save as PDF No need to take pictures after your discussion any more. DTen Note saves your work as a PDF so you can easily send it to others.

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