Big Book OF AV Page 134 Touch Screen Displays

TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAYS 134 REAL-TIME COLLABORATION - Collaboration across workspaces and geo-distributed teams. DisplayTen solutions allow users to collaborate across local workspaces, boardrooms, and geo- distributed teams. The interactive whiteboard and pen allow easy annotations on the DTEN note or any other application. Teams can now achieve communication iciency like never before. EFFORTLESS CONTENT SHARING - One click and instant sharing capabilities without any complex configurations. DisplayTen is a cable and wire-free solution. It allows one-click sharing via the wireless dongle and support for any PC and/or Mac. It also offers instant sharing on mobile devices with the free DTEN mobile app. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH VIDEO CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGIES - Fully functional modules to run any video conferencing software such as Zoom. DisplayTen's built- in PC module integrates with most collaboration and conferencing technologies to create a seamless experience for teams. It offers integrations with a variety of ports such as RS232 etc. to support control systems. DISPLAYTEN BRINGS 84", 70" AND 55" INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS TO YOUR HUDDLE ROOM

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