Big Book OF AV Page 137 Touch Displays

TOUCH DISPLAYS 137 Two-Way Responsive Control DTen Nsyjwfhyn{j Inxuqf~ tzjwx y t2 f~ htsywtq gjy jjs laptop and display. Control your PC/Mac from large screen. Dedicated Wi-Fi You can browse internet during presentation. DTen Interactive Display creates dedicated WiFi separately that allows you sharing your desktop while browsing external network. Intuitive Are you tired of writing something and having it show up seconds later? Eliminate that latency with DTen technology. Write and erase as naturally as putting pencil to paper with the pen and your hand. Accomplish Everything You Need Without Plugging In. Use in Normal Daylight with No Problem Outdoor full-angle anti-sunlight. Recognize up to 10 touch points with precision and speed. Multi-touch without broken lines.

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