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Mondopad - Collaboration for Everyone! Transform Your Video Wall Into a Fully Interactive Digital Display

InFocus Mondopad elegantly blends video calling, whiteboarding and more into one giant touchscreen PC for efficient face-to- face collaboration with people in any location. Bridge communication gaps, strengthen teams, capture & share information, train more effectively, and save time and money. You'll never want to meet without it. Key Features Big, bright touch display everyone in the room can see. Choose sharp 4K or 1080p HD resolution. Native HD video calling & data sharing that's crystal clear. Interactive whiteboard and on-screen annotation. BYOD-friendly to connect and share with any device. Built on a fast & flexible i7-based Windows PC. Wireless keyboard and mouse included. Mondopad Ultra for Performance & Precision Our premium Mondopad Ultra series offers high performance collaboration tools to meet the exacting needs of business and enterprise. Mondopad Ultra features vivid 4K resolution for an incredibly sharp picture, and our most powerful processor for high demand applications and information security. Connect global enterprise infrastructures and employees, and make every meeting or presentation more effective and engaging with Mondopad Ultra. 4K resolution offers more detail & more depth for amazing life-like images. Built on a powerful Intel Core i7-6700T processor and Q170 chipset with Intel vPro technology. 256 GB solid state hard drive. Choose a 70" (INF7023) or 85" (INF8521) model.

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